Website is down or not accessible

The web hosting platform is robust and maintains some basic safeguards against web attacks. One of those features is brute force login protection.

After three (3) failed login attempts, the IP address of the user is blocked for 60 minutes. That IP address can be all inclusive and block anyone from an office. However, after 60 minutes that block will be released and website access is available again. This feature will not block other website visitors from accessing the website. They will see a normally functioning website.

To test this feature out, try to visit the website that appears down on a mobile phone that is using it's own, separate data plan. The site should be viewable if the brute force protection was activated.

Another way to test is to visit from the computer that is getting the website access error. This is an other test to see if the website is down for everyone or just the brute force protection that is enabled on the web hosting platform.

This is what the screen might look like if the brute force protection was triggered and is blocking access to the website: